The Original Menace Jig is a versatile jig that features a versatile football jig head with no weedguard and instead is built on a free-swinging VMC wide gap hook. This allows anglers to Texas Rig their favorite soft plastic trailer on the jig making the bait virtually weedless and snag proof. The Menace Pulse Maker is a tackle accessory that features a premium ball bearing swivel, a high-quality snap, and a vibrating swim jig blade that can be easily attached or detached from a variety of baits in seconds. This package deal includes (x1) Original Menace Jig with (x1) Menace Pulse Maker that can be attached to the bait to give it tremendous flash, vibration, and pulsating action. All Menace Baits products certainly live up to their name as, “The Greatest Threat on the Water!”

Sexy Shad Original Menace Jig with a Menace Pulse Maker