VTF 2020 Angler of the Year Results

VTF launched in summer of 2020 and held a series of three excited online fishing tournaments. 34 different anglers competed over the course of the series. In the first event, Alec Rizk from Virginia bested the field with a 5 fish limit of 92". In the second event, Cooper Rosen from Pennsylvania earned the victory with a 5 fish limit of 98". In the last even of the year, Mark Fenstermaker from Pennsylvania beat the field with a 5 fish limit of 95.75".

In each event, competitors earned VTF Angler of the Season points based on what place they finished in. At the end of the season, the top 15 competitors in standings would qualify for the no-entry fee 2021 VTF World Championship occurring 6/14/2021 - 7/4/2021.

Mark Fenstermaker earned the title of VTF 2020 Angler of the Year after a stellar and consistent performance in each event. In the first event, Fenstermaker placed in 6th place with 88.25". In the second event, he placed in 3rd place with 87". In the final event, Fenstermaker clinched the title with an impressive 95.75" limit of bass. Mark Fenstermaker and the following 14 anglers have qualified for the VTF 2021 World Championship.

  1. Mark Fenstermaker (592 points)

  2. Brett Scarlett (588 points)

  3. Wes Du Plessis (586 points)

  4. Zach Emmert (576 points)

  5. Phillip Murphy (569 points)

  6. Jonathan Kerr (563 points)

  7. Alec Rizk (412 points)

  8. Theodore Contres (406 points)

  9. Anthony Awgul (399 points)

  10. Derek Holman (398 points)

  11. Jason Burgess (385 points) tied with John Henning (385 points)

  12. Adam Milcoff (228 points)

  13. Kenneth Hood (217 points)

  14. Herbert Heyl (206 points)

VTF has excited plans for the upcoming 2021 season. This year, anglers can look forward to more fishing tournaments, more prizes, more media coverage, and an overall more user-friendly experience with VTF. Learn more about VTF at www.menacebaits.com/vtf

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