Ryan Lachance Punches to a 3rd Place Finish

The first ever VTF online fishing tournament concluded on July 12th, 2020 as a field of 28 competitors fished from Monday July 6th until the end of the event. Ryan Lachance from Brunswick, Maine finished in 3nd place with a 5 fish limit of 91”, just 1” behind champion Alec Rizk.

Lachance admitted that registering for this event was a spur of the moment decision for him. He was looking to practice for another upcoming local fishing tournament on Pleasant Pond in Richmond, Maine and decided to fish there for the VTF Summer 2020 Circuit Event #1. Ryan Lachance approached the event with his standard process of researching and gathering information to formulate a game plan that compliments his comfort zone on the water. Lachance chose to target deeper structure and offshore elements that are frequently overlooked by other anglers. It didn’t take long for Ryan Lachance to develop a pattern with a punching rig on submerged grass. In between fishing piles of submerged grass, Lachance covered water with a vibrating swim jig. Later in the day, Lachance expanding on his grass pattern and found better quality fish up shallow in lily pads.

The VTF Summer 2020 Circuit is an engaging series of three 1-week online fishing tournaments held over the course of a three-month season. Anglers submit a limit of their longest bass and compete for big prizes while receiving points based off how they finish to compete for the coveted VTF Circuit Angler of the Season award.

Click here to view the event leaderboard and current VTF Angler of the Season Standings: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EFmQvurenuuK5ZtYo_112lLsROZQb7Gvqps4NGxUWAM/edit#gid=1704081901

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