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Our Favorites

If you're looking for a quick list of some of our staff's favorite Menace Jigs™, refer to the guide below. These choices are sure to produce in a wide variety of situations and we highly recommend every angler have these baits in their tackle box!

3/8 oz Original Menace Jig : Black and Blue

This is our favorite Menace Jig™ because it's the most versatile option. Black and blue is a proven classic bass catching color that works well in both clear water and dirty water across the nation. The middle sized 3/8 oz head size is a good choice for both shallow water down to deep water. No matter the situation, we always have a 3/8 oz Black and Blue Original Menace Jig™ tied on at least one of our rods. 

1/4 oz Original Menace Jig: Green Pumpkin

In clear or stained water, a Green Pumpkin colored 1/4 oz Original Menace Jig is very hard to beat. This very simple and natural color has produced well for decades and is a go-to for any bass angler. The smaller sized 1/4 oz Green Pumpkin Original Menace Jig gets more bites on average making it one of our go-to confidence baits.

1/4 oz Alive Series Swim Jig: Natural Shad

No matter where you go, bass always have a natural instinct to eat shad, shiners, and minnows. No other bait resembles this forage better than a 1/4 oz Natural Shad Alive Series Swim Jig. Our favorite part about this bait is that you can cover a lot of water by fishing this bait fast and efficient, putting this bait in front of more fish's faces and triggering aggressive reaction strikes.