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Menace Baits™ Lure Guide

Menace Baits™ Menace Jigs are the most versatile fishing lures on the market! They come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and options so that they maximize a fisherman's chance of catching fish in virtually any situation they might encounter! With all of these various options, we understand that it can be difficult and confusing to choose exactly which lure you should buy.

We've worked with our team of expert tournament bass anglers to compile several resources to recommend the perfect Menace Jig for your specific situation, as well as a guide about how you should use it to catch more fish! Click any of the guides below to get started!

Connect with a Menace Baits™ expert fishing representative for personalized and individualized recommendations and opinions on which Menace Jigs you should fish and how you should fish them in your specific situation. 
We've worked with our team of expert tournament bass anglers to put together a very general guide of which Menace Jig™ we recommend for each situation listed. Simply choose the options that apply to your situation to see which jig we recommend for you!
If you're looking for a quick list of some of our staff's favorite Menace Jigs™, refer to this guide. These choices are sure to produce in a wide variety of situations and we highly recommend every angler have these baits in their tackle box!