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Here's which Menace Jig we would fish in this situation!

1/4 oz Original Menace Jig: Okeechobee Craw

If you're still able to fish during the winter, temperatures across the nation become colder  which leads to less active bass wherever you go. 

During this time, bass' digestive systems slow down and they don't burn a lot of calories too quickly. Because of this, they eat significantly less during the winter, schooling up together in deep main lake wintertime holes. It is critical that you use a very slow moving and smaller sized bait because the fish are often not willing to chase bait very far. Since they're not too hungry and active, a bigger bait may not appeal to the dormant lockjaw bass.

The smaller sized and pale colored 1/4 oz Okeechobee Craw Original Menace Jig is a great choice of bait during this season. It's not too big and the colors are quite subtle in dull winter environment.

Fish this bait in wintertime spots and holes very slow and methodically for your best chance of hooking up. A good wintertime spot often has rocks which retain heat well, drawing bass close to hangout on them. Deep ledges, drop offs, and steep banks are good places to try that may hold a lot of schooling bass!