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Here's which Menace Jig we would fish in this situation!

Fishing Shallow

Fishing Deep

3/8 oz Original Menace Jig: Okeechobee Craw

When the water gets warm, a lot of fish will scatter across shallow areas with cover and structure throughout the lake. They'll use these shallow spots to camp out waiting to ambush any prey that swims by, and to use the shade to seek shelter from the hot sun. You'll often find big bass in shallow grass, wood, docks, bridges, or any type of cover fish can use to hide in throughout the summer.

During this season, the water is hot and the bass' metabolism is high. They are very active, they're digesting their food quickly, and they're burning calories fast! Because of this, fish need to eat larger meals more often. These meals often consist of bluegill, crayfish, shad, insects, small terrestrial creatures, and anything else that a bass can get it's mouth around!

A 3/8 oz Okeechobee Craw Original Menace Jig does a great job at creating a natural presentation resembling a crayfish or a bait fish depending on how you choose to retrieve it. Flip and pitch this jig in shallow cover around the lake to trigger fierce reaction strikes from ambushing bass! 

Another great way to fish this bait shallow is to swim the jig and cover a lot of water to find aggressive fish fast. Once you start finding fish and assembling a pattern, slow down and fish this jig more methodically in the key areas you think are holding fish to entice less active bass to strike!

1/2 oz Original Menace Jig: Black and Blue

While some fish camp out up shallow throughout the summer, a very large percentage migrate out deep! Deep main lake waters offer cooler temperatures and a larger food source, often meaning bigger bass and more of them!

A lot of deep spots that hold bass include features like deep shore lines with cliffs, main lake points, humps, drop offs, and deep structure and cover. A 1/2 oz Black and Blue Original Menace Jig is a great option to target bass in these areas because it sinks into the deep water fast and can be easily seen by fish in the low light conditions in deep water. In addition, it's a bigger profile bait that presents bass an easy large and nutritious meal that will satisfy their fast burning digestive systems.

Crawl this bait on the bottom over any deep water features that you think bass are holding to. Throwing this big jig at them is often the most effective tool to catch big numbers of big bass from deep water holes that hold large schools of fish!