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Here's which Menace Jig we would fish in this situation!

1/4 oz Alive Series Menace Jig: Bluegill

When bass start spawning, they become extremely protective of their nests which will soon hold bass eggs and young fry. A notorious enemy of bass during this season are bluegill, they love raiding their nests and eating feasting on the bass' young! When bluegill swim by or come close to the bass' nest, the bass will often attack and swallow the bluegill out of pure aggression and protection, not because they're hunger. Because a lot of these strikes during this season are usually aggressive reaction strikes, it makes sense to fish fast and cover a lot of water with a Bluegill colored 1/4 oz Alive Series Menace Jig

Great areas to fish this bait during this season are shallow shorelines along the lake, especially in calm coves or around shallow cover and structure which bass are using to spawn on! Troll around the spawning area and swim the Alive Series Menace Jig by reeling it in straight back while twitching your rod tip every so often to trigger a potential reaction strike. Reel in the bait just fast enough so the lure swims just off of the bottom or is just touching the tips of submerged grass and cover.

We typically tend to fish the smaller 1/4 oz Bluegill Alive Series Menace Jig instead of the larger 3/8 oz size during this season because a lot of the forage earlier in the year tend to be smaller in size.

To find fish fast and efficiently, cover a lot of water by swimming this jig around spawning grounds which you think hold fish. Once you start catching fish in a certain spot and start assembling a pattern, slow down and fish the jig slower and more methodically to entice other fish that reside in the area that may not be quite as aggressive and pick the spot apart, milking it for all it's worth!