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Here's which Menace Jig we would fish in this situation!

3/8 oz Alive Series Swim Jig: Natural Shad

When the water temperature starts dropping after the long and hot summer, bass become extra energetic and bulk up again for the upcoming winter season. During this season, a bass' favorite food source often becomes shad which migrate towards shallower and warmer waters. Bass come right in behind them and gorge on them!

A big 3/8 oz Natural Shad Alive Series Swim Jig is the go-to bait during this shad feeding frenzy! The shad tend to be pretty large during this season making the larger sized 3/8 oz swim jig a great choice for imitation. 

When looking for a spot to fish during the fall, simply find the shad and you will find the bass! These spots often include creeks, coves, pockets, and shallower spots off of the main lake. Retrieve the swim jig by reeling it in straight and swimming it, perfectly mimicking a panicking bait fish fleeing from prey!

The colder the water gets, the slower you should retrieve the jig. The fish will become less active and more dormant as winter continues drawing in. They will still eat however, but they are just not going to be willing to exert a lot of energy to chase fast moving baits!