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VTF Tournament Directors and Judges

VTF Utilizes a Panel of 3 Tournament Directors and Judges in Each Competition to Enforce Rules and Integrity During Competition

Submit general questions, disputes, and inquiries to VTF Tournament Directors and Judges by emailing or calling (267) 772-0132.

VTF Tournament Directors and Judges take an oath to judge all competitors equally and fairly based on the VTF Rules.


After the tournament, results will be posted and competitors will have 24 hours to review their results and penalties and make disputes or appeals if they feel necessary. After 24 hours and after all disputes and appeals are settled, the official results will be published and prizes will be awarded. This dispute and appeals process provides anglers a chance to identify mistakes or challenge/question rulings and decisions by the VTF Tournament Directors and Judges. The VTF panel investigates and treats all disputes and appeals fairly and equally based on the VTF Rules. The panel's decisions and rulings after handling disputes and appeals will stand and cannot be challenged again.


The panel of Tournament Directors and Judges consists of the Menace Baits Management. When handling disputes and appeals, the VTF panel may refer to the jury of VTF competitors to make unbiased decisions and rulings.