Menace Monday Sale Giveaway Information

A New Sale and Giveaway Every Monday

What is Menace Monday? 

Menace Monday is a weekly sale associated with a giveaway offered by Menace Baits. Every Monday, Menace Baits introduces a new sale on and posts an accompanying giveaway video on social media giving Menace Baits followers a chance to win a variety of prizes every month. Learn more about the giveaway below. 

How Can I Take Advantage of This Week's Featured Sale?

Every Monday, a new sale will be posted on Customers do not need to enter any coupon codes, the discount is automatically applied to the product. To learn about this week's sale, click here to go to the Specials page

How Do I Enter This Week's Giveaway?

Every person can earn up to 3 entries a week into the giveaway. DO ALL 3 WEEKLY to increase your chance of winning!

Option 1.)
Like the post, tag 3 Friends, and share the post on Facebook
*Must like Menace Baits Facebook Page
  • Facebook
Option 2.)
Like the post and tag 3 accounts on Instagram
*Must follow the Menace Baits Instagram
  • Instagram
Option 3.)
Thumbs up the video and comment on the video on YouTube
*Must subscribe to Menace Baits YouTube Channel
  • YouTube

How and When Are Giveaway Winners Selected and Accounced?

Menace Monday Giveaway Winners are selected once a month during the Menace Baits Live Podcast (Streamed on the Menace Baits Facebook Page) which typically occur during the first week of the month. 

During the live stream, all giveaway entries from all 3 social media platforms from the previous month are pooled together (Which is why entering all 3 ways every week dramatically increases your chance of winning).

Menace Baits management will select and announce a winner (or winners) to earn a variety of prizes and notify the winner ASAP. The winner(s) will have 48 hours to claim their prize upon notification of winning. 

Legal and Disclaimers:

-Free to enter, no purchase necessary, purchasing does not increase odds of winning

-This giveaway is not a contest and applicants cannot do anything besides entering on social media to increase odds of winning

-Contestants can enter the giveaway 3 times per week (Once on Facebook, once on Instagram, and once on YouTube) every week per month

-Winners are selected live while using accredited random selection software 

-Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube do not endorse the Menace Monday Giveaway

-Any Menace Monday Giveaway disputes or complaints should be formally directed to or (267) 772-0132