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VTF Angler's Code of Conduct

The Success of VTF Depends on the Integrity of Our Competitors

Therefore, VTF has implemented a strict code of conduct that all VTF must inform themselves with and abide to while competing with VTF


#1: Do The Right Thing (Even When No One Is Watching)


While convenient and exciting, competing in a virtual tournament poses several challenges. The greatest of these challenges is that every competitor is entrusted to do the right thing and follow the VTF rules even while nobody is watching. While we do our best to enforce rules and regulations, every competitor is expected to exhibit integrity during competition and positively represent our organization. This tournament format is most enjoyable and exciting when all anglers compete ethically and fairly. By doing the right thing during VTF competition even when no one is watching, you are ensuring that all competitors have the best possible tournament experience.


#2: Educate Yourself About VTF Rules and Regulations

VTF has many specific and technical rules and regulations. It is every competitor's responsibility to educate and inform themselves about these rules and regulations. Rules and regulations are posted on our Rules and Information webpage and thoroughly discussed during the livestreamed pre-tournament meeting. Abiding by all rules and regulations reduces penalties and results in fair competition for all competitors and contributes to the excitement and fairness of our unique league format.

How We Enforce Integrity and the VTF Code of Conduct

All competitors in a VTF event are subject to random truth-verification tests or phone calls before finalizing results to confirm the angler practiced integrity, honesty, and followed the rules during competition. We also rely on the reports and tips of competitors when they witness or practice unfair or unethical behavior. 

VTF Enforces This Code of Conduct Strictly:

 Anglers Who Do Not Compete With Honesty and Integrity Have No Part in Our Organization