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Measuring Devices

Permitted Measuring Device Types:


All VTF competitors must utilize approved measuring devices when documenting fish for maximum accuracy and clarity

Not using a VTF approved measuring device may result in penalties or disqualifications 

For a measuring device to be deemed acceptable and permitted, it must have the following characteristics:

1.) The measuring device must feature a "fence" to rest the fish's mouth on while measuring (Competitors cannot add a fence to measuring devices that do not have one)

2.) The measuring device has clear and contrasting 1/4" increments (If the measuring device only has 1/2" or 1" increments, competitors will only receive credit for the last increment the fish's tail touches/passes)

Examples of Approved Measuring Devices:



















Examples of Unapproved Measuring Devices:
























How to Document and Measure Your Fish:


All fish submitted must be documented by photograph and follow these important instructions:

#1): Use an approved measuring device such as a hawg-trough, a tournament ruler, or a measuring board. The measuring device must have quarter inch increments and clearly contrasting print that can be seen clearly in the photograph. Measuring tapes and yard sticks are unacceptable measuring devices and may incur penalties or catch DQ's.

#2): Measure the fish from left to right starting from the mouth to the tail with the fish facing upright and the fish's dorsal fins at the top of the photograph. The fish must be laid over and centered on the measuring device. 

#3): The photograph must not be blurry or low quality. The picture of the fish being measured must be taken from a perfect bird's eye view. 

#4): When measuring in the picture, ensure that the fish's mouth is 100% closed. The fish's upper lip must be COMPLETELY touching the bottom lip or there will be penalties (Pushing the fish's mouth against the fence of your measuring board ensures the mouth stays closed). No cull rings, restraints, or clips may be placed on the fish in the photograph. 

#5): When measuring in the picture, ensure that the fish's tail is 100% straight and centered. The fish's tail may either be pinched or relaxed as long as it's straight and centered.

#6): The angler may place their hands on the fish while measuring to keep the fish straight while photographing, but the hand may not cover the fish's eye, may not be blocking the fish's tail, or may not be covering or blocking the beginning of the measuring device and the end of the fish's tail.

#7): Measure the fish to the prior quarter inch. The tail must touch/pass the quarter inch mark to receive credit for the increment (If a bass is almost 15" long but falls just short of touching the increment, it'll be judged as 14.75" by the tournament director/judges).

#8): A random tournament code will be generated in the Live Stream Pre-Tournament Meeting on the VTF Facebook Page (The code will be emailed to all competitors before the tournament starts). This random code must be handwritten and present in the photograph for the fish to count.

*A correctly documented photograph of your fish requires patience and effort by the competitor. Have a friend help you take the photograph for better quality. Take your time to get a property documented photograph and make sure you have a properly documented photograph of your fish before releasing it to avoid penalties and disqualifications. Here is a picture of a properly documented catch: