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1/2 oz Original Menace Jig


Menace Baits™ has reinvented the standard bass jig that fisherman have had to settle with for years now and created the most versatile fishing lure on the market; The Original Menace Jig™. Designed and developed by tournament bass anglers, The Original Menace Jig™ features a free swinging offset hook which allows the angler to Texas Rig their favorite soft plastic trailer making this bait virtually weedless and snagproof. This lets anglers fish this jig with confidence in places where other baits just can't be fished while reducing the hassle of hanging up on cover. This is one of the only fishing lures ever made that can produce results in any condition while on any body of water! Drag it, swim it, flip it, or pitch it anywhere, anytime. If you're not using Menace Baits™ Original Menace Jigs, you're not settling for the best jig on the market!

Product Features

-1/2 oz Football Head

-5/0 VMC Offset Hook

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