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3/8 oz Alive Series Swim Jig


A full proof method to catch more fish is to use a lure that looks exactly like what the fish eat, and the Alive Series Swim Jig™ perfectly mimicks bass's favorite forage like no other fishing lure ever could before! Designed and developed by tournament bass anglers, the Alive Series Swim Jig™ features a free swinging offset hook pre-rigged and ready to fish with a Texas Rigged swimbait trailer making this bait virtually weedless and snagproof. This lets anglers swim this jig with confidence in places where other baits just can't be fished while reducing the hassle of hanging up on cover. Just cast the bait out and start reeling it back in and the Alive Series Swim Jig™ really comes to life swimming naturally like a distressed baitfish causing instinctive reaction strikes from big bass! Simply choose the best color option to match what the fish are eating and get to work with the Alive Series Swim Jig™.

Product Features

-3/8 oz Football Head

-Pre-rigged 5" Swim Trailer

-4/0 VMC Offset Hook

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