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Menace Baits is threatening the foundation of the industry by offering a revolutionary fishing lure backed by a family of dedicated anglers.

-Menace Baits Mission Statement

Meet Our Staff!

Anthony Awgul
Owner and Founder

(267) 772-0132


Anthony founded Menace Baits when he was in high school. What was once a hobby of making fishing lures in his parent’s basement has evolved into a massive operation that has spread across the nation. Anthony currently attends the Pennsylvania State University majoring in Business. Anthony is currently responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company.

Daniel Gorman
Operations Manager

(267) 905-4542


Daniel joined Menace Baits in 2018 bringing with him several years of management and facilitation experience. Daniel currently manages the daily operations of the business and focuses on business development. Daniel’s organization and management skills play a key role in the continued success of Menace Baits.

Luke LoRusso
Sales Manager

(267) 875-9526


Luke has been the sales manager of Menace Baits as of Menace Baits as of March 2019. His responsibilities include sales campaign management and retailer relations. Luke’s dedication to increasing revenue for Menace Baits has been helping the company steadily grow. Luke is currently attending Bucks County Community College.

Grant Leyden
Marketing Manager

(215) 804-9818

Grant’s expertise in marketing has helped increase Menace Baits brand awareness and exposure significantly. Since he joined the company in 2018, Grand has helped develop Menace Baits popular Team Menace promotional staff program. Grant is currently attending Eastern Gateway Community College majoring in Marketing.

A Letter From Menace Baits Owner and Founder Anthony Awgul

Thank you for your interest in my company, Menace Baits. I was born in 1999 and I'm from Quakertown, Pennsylvania. I am majoring in Business Administration at the Pennsylvania State University graduating with the class of 2021. Fishing has always been my passion and operating my own fishing lure company has provided me with an opportunity to pursue my dreams while gaining valuable marketing and management experience.

Menace Baits is founded upon our innovative jig concept, The Menace Jig. Designed and developed by tournament bass anglers, this bait is the most revolutionary fishing lure on the market! The Menace Jig has to potential to catch fish on any body of water, in any condition because it is so versatile. This bait is very easy to use and its results are amazing, making it a top choice for anglers from beginners to professionals!

Our company and jig concept gets its name because the Menace Jig is, "The Greatest Threat on the Water!" There is no other fishing lure in the industry that has the potential to produce results anywhere, and anytime quite like the Menace Jig does. In addition, we have the most dedicated staff and partners in the industry who are committed to taking our company to the top. What separates us from the other guys is our passion, drive, and dedication for our business and the fishing industry. Not only does that make us, "The Greatest Threat on the Water," but also the greatest threat in the industry!

When you make a purchase from Menace Baits, you are directly supporting the dreams and education of my staff and me. I am very grateful for my customers, followers, sponsors, staff, and partners for their continued support for my company. I invite you to join our movement and arm yourself with our products so you too are a part of, "The Greatest Threat on the Water!"


Anthony Awgul

Owner of and Founder of Menace Baits