The Greatest Threat on the Water
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Menace Baits™ is threatening the foundation of the industry by offering revolutionary fishing lures backed by a family of dedicated anglers.

-Menace Baits™ Mission Statement

Meet Our Staff!

Anthony Awgul
Owner of Menace Baits

(267) 772-0132

Daniel Gorman
General Manager

(267) 905-4542

Luke LoRusso
Sales Manager

(267) 875-9526

Grant Leyden
Marketing Manager

(215) 804-9818

A Letter From Anthony Awgul, Menace Baits Owner 

Thank you so much for your interest in my company, Menace Baits™. I was born in 1999 and am from Quakertown, Pennsylvania. I am currently enrolled in the Business Administration Program at Pennsylvania State University and am a member of the class of 2021. Fishing has always been my passion and operating my own fishing lure company has provided me with an opportunity to pursue my dream to make a living in the fishing industry out of college.

Menace Baits™ is founded upon our innovative jig concept, The Menace Jig™. Designed and developed by tournament bass anglers, this bait is the most revolutionary fishing lure on the market! The Menace Jig™ can catch fish on any body of water, in any condition because it is so versatile. This bait is very easy to fish with and produces amazing results, making it a top choice for all anglers from beginner fisherman to professional tournament bass anglers!

The secret to our innovative jig design is simple; we ditched the ineffective weedguard found on standard bass jigs and replaced the fixed hook with a free swinging offset hook. This allows anglers to Texas Rig their favorite soft plastic trailer making this bait virtually weedless and snagproof! By removing the bulky weedguard, you will be able to fish this jig with confidence in places where other baits just can't be fished while reducing the hassle of hanging up on cover. Due to the free swinging hook, this jig has much more action and you will be able to hook more fish on it. This also allows the hook to swing with the fish as you reel it in, keeping constant pressure on your catch!  

The Menace Jig™ comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and options to suit any situation an angler might encounter. As we continue to expand our company, we are looking to grow our product line and offer our customers more high quality innovative fishing gear. We want to play a role in influencing the sport and introducing people to fishing. We're doing our part now by providing people with reliable fishing lures and tackle they need to have a successful trip on the water, making memories that will last a lifetime!

Our company and jig concept gets its name because the Menace Jig™ is, "The Greatest Threat on the Water!" There is no other fishing lure in the industry that has the potential to produce results anywhere, and anytime quite like the Menace Jig™ does. In addition, we have the most dedicated staff and partners in the industry who are committed to taking our company to the top. What separates us from the other guys is our passion, drive, and dedication for our business and the fishing industry. Not only does that make us, "The Greatest Threat on the Water," but also the greatest threat in the industry!

When you make a purchase from Menace Baits™, you are directly supporting my dream and college education. I am so grateful for my customers, followers, sponsors, staff, and partners for their continued support for this business. From myself and all of the Menace Baits™ staff, we thank you for your business and we invite you to join our movement and arm yourself with our products so you too are fishing with, "The Greatest Threat on the Water!"


Anthony Awgul

Owner of Menace Baits™