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Menace Baits™ is threatening the foundation of the industry by offering revolutionary fishing lures backed by a family of dedicated anglers.

-Menace Baits™ Mission Statement


Meet Our Staff!


Executive Business Team

Anthony Awgul

Company Owner

Menace Baits™ Founder


Daniel Gorman

Executive Business Team 

Team Menace Manager


Grant Leyden

Executive Business Team

Marketing Manager



Team Menace Advisory Team

Glenn Key

FLW Tournament Angler

Mark Fenstermaker

FLW BFL Champion

Damian Szlachta

FLW Tournament Angler

Dylan Boyle

FLW Tournament Angler

Team Menace

Team Menace is comprised of qualified anglers across the nation who effectively advertise, represent, and promote our brand of innovative jigs. Our team is diverse; consisting of beginner weekend anglers, to hard core tournament bass fisherman. However, the one thing all of our team members have in common is their passion for the sport and their dedication to our company

If you would be interested in becoming a part of Team Menace and representing the most innovative fishing lure company in the industry, fill out an application on our website now!